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Empathy. Compassion. Understanding. Patience. Trust. Care. Mindfulness.

Kara's mission is to provide grief support for children, teens, families and adults. Every day Kara's aim is to provide compassion and care to those navigating grief and loss.

Through individual and group peer support, crisis intervention, training, therapy and community events, Kara provides grief support to thousands in our community annually. Their services are provided by hundreds of trained volunteers with experience in the healing process from personal loss.

At Kara, they recognize both the universality and the uniqueness of each person's processing and experience of grief. They encourage those they serve to draw strength from their own spiritual beliefs, culture, family, friends, and other resources.

Through compassionate grief support and training, Kara helps individuals experiencing loss find support, meaning and hope.

Sereno Group is proud to support the commitment and services Kara provides to our community. For more information about their work or how you can get involved, please visit